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Château de Wagnée lies in the beautiful Condroz region, with a rich offer of heritage and landscapes interspersed with picturesque valleys.


  • TREMA museum in Namur (21 km)
  • Citadels of Namur, Dinant and Huy
  • Sax Museum in Dinant (26 km)
  • Villages of Crupet (10 km), Thon (17 km) and Mozet (17 km)
  • Castles of Freÿr in Hastière (34 km), Modave (21 km), Vêves in Houyet (21 km) and Waleffe in Faimes-les-Waleffe (39 km)
  • Collegiate churches of Dinant and Huy
  • Art trails in Condroz-Famenne (0.5 km)
  • Goyet cave in Gesves (16 km)
  • Mosan summer festival (classical music) and chamber music festival ‘Résonances’ (May)
  • Our favourite: Groesbeeck de Croix museum in Namur (21 km)

Nature and landscapes:

  • Furfooz nature park (23 km)
  • Meuse valley upstream of Dinant and Namur
  • Samson, Bocq, Hoyoux and Molignée valleys (Natura 2000 sites)
  • Annevoie gardens (19 km)
  • Our favourites: the landscapes and villages of the ‘true’ Condroz (Hamois, Havelange, Clavier and surroundings)


  • Cidrerie du Condroz in Barsy (8 km)
  • The artisanal ice cream of Méan (25 km)
  • Vignobles du Bon Baron à Lustin et du Château de Bioulx (23 Km)
  • Vineyards of Bon Baron in Lustin (15 km) and Château de Bioulx (23 km)
  • Bertinchamps brewery in Gembloux (49 km)
  • La Houppe brewery in Namur (22 km)
  • Our favourite: Château de Fumal vineyard (32 km)


  • Hiking (on site)
  • Mountain bike tours
  • Bike tours on dedicated lanes (Ravel at 8 km)
  • Equestrian Tours (0.5 km)
  • Kayaking on the Lesse in Dinant (Anseremme at 25 km)
  • Molignée rail bikes in Onhaye (25 km)
  • Climbing the cliffs of the Meuse
  • Naxhelet golf club in Wanze (26 km)
  • Royal Ardenne golf in Hiuyet (24 km)
  • Five Nations golf club in Méan (34 km)

Leisure and relaxation

  • Caves and animal park of Han-sur-Lesse (41 km)
    Sarte park in Huy (23 km)
  • Domaine de Chevetogne (22 km)


  • Rochefort abbey (38 km)
  • Leffe abbey in Dinant (27 km)
  • Maredsous abbey in Anhée (31 km)
  • Our favourite: the celebrations at Chevetogne abbey (24 km)


  • Historic city centre of Namur and the Saturday morning market
  • Historic city centre of Marche-en-Famenne
  • Ciney (10 km)


Joseph and Ariane van der Stegen de Schrieck are delighted to welcome you and share their special place, as well as the many wonders of the Condroz region.